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Small Mouth Bass-John Day River


The John Day is regarded as one of the top Small Mouth Bass Rivers in the western United States and is a popular destination for Fly Anglers from all over the country.  The average fish spans 9-12 inches with some fish over the 20 inch mark present. June through September is peak fishing for lot's of fish, and lot's of action on top water flies as well. We offer single day float trips and fully outfitted multi day camp trips down the wild and scenic John Day River. 

Steelhead-John Day River


October through November is prime time to target the Native run of Steelhead that enter the lower reaches of the John Day River. John Day Steelhead (most day's) are very aggressive towards flies, and do not get much pressure compared to other river's in the area. Floating line's, Spey rods, hot fish, and easy wading makes this a favorite Steelhead river for many of our clients. 

Trout-Deschutes River


Locally referred to as "Redsides", Deschutes River Rainbow Trout are Native (not planted) and thrive in their high dessert environment. Fish range from 10 up to 20 inches and the river is managed for catch and release fishing. Though most of the river is open year round, we suggest fishing anytime from May through October. We offer half day, full day, and fully outfitted multi day camping trips down the wild and scenic Deschutes. 

Steelhead-Deschutes River


The Deschutes River receives a strong return of Summer run Steelhead. Steelhead willing to grab flies on, or near the surface is what makes the Deschutes a popular destination for fly anglers. The Deschutes is most effectively fly fished with a spey rod and floating line (wish is easy to learn to cast. 

Winter Steelhead-Oregon Coastal Rivers


December through April we move to the west side of the state and offer guided fly fishing trips for Winter/Spring Steelhead. Winter Steelhead are generally larger than Summer Run Steelhead and enter the rivers fresh and bright from the Pacific Ocean. Fish in the mid to high teens and even up to 20 lbs. are a real possibility on any of these coastal streams. We focus our efforts on the Northern Oregon Coast, and the Sandy River east of Portland. 



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